Monday, April 28, 2008



i've been here for almost two months now.. so far so good=)..Alhamdulilah

- yknw, when i 1st arivd at the darul quran gate i wanted to say to u.o (u.othman,my guardian) lets go back, i don't want to study here, i don't mind if study at iman university..but since he was busy and took time to take me i went on with it - dis was my 1st tought wen i reached dq (darul quran, the place m studying nw)! we went to see the director, Sheikh Sa'ad, and then when we went back he said that they'll accept me because he is good friend with the director.. aftr some thinking...i decided i'l enter dq and i just have to accept whatever condition it is in because this is what i came here for

- i've known yemeni food to be quite delicious but...THE FOOD IN DQ WAS REALLY NOT EXPECTED!!! its always the same for breakfast and dinner (its not that i'm not used to eat the same thing twice a day, BT EVRYDAY??? and the fusuliya makes me kinda sick( fusuliya is peas..) Its cooked with cornflour if i'm not mistaken and we GET ONLY 1 or 2 BREAD!!!!! there is rice for lunch but rice only, sometimes with salad and they give another dish to eat with bread...aftr a wk, i got sick because of the fusuliya, went to hospital..nw i js buy things like cheese,honey,nutella,helwa or wtvr 2 eat w bread..wtvr it is m rly STARVING!!js xpct gt good food on also prob when go to people's house and get good food i can't eat a lot because my stomach will get shock if suddenly lots of food coming in, but 10min later i'll regret for not eating more..hahahaha..

there's a msian club here and they just opened a restaurant recently, so i go eat lunch there twice a week..since i'm friends (he's in the same school with me) with d restaurant owner i get to eat free bt its nt like i can order wat i wan n of kors i help out too smtimes..

- the yemeni ppl..those are nice are really nice but those who aren't u won't wana cross path with them..

here its wkend on thu&fri. bt drz class on thu till zuhr evntho its a weekend here..

also i xknw if want to take license here or not!! d drvg here is quite crazy, dey js drive as tho its deir road, if they see gt space to pass thru no matter hw small it is thye'l js do it..!!n if cn dey wan to drive fast cnt slow down!! dey evn drive on the opposite of d road..
however...i guess i'l take my license here if there's time, its so muc cheaper to take it here plus i may get an international license..hihi

d holidays have started, it ends at july..
i really don't know what to do during the holidays, except for just memorizing..and to go visit places in yemen when my mum comes on the 22nd of may=D and maybe take my license here also..

for them khatam quran means u have memorized the whole quran..

  • the khatam quran ceremony, 14.04.08 ,mon:
    - dey all wear white jubah n jambiya. - abt 22 stdnts khatam on 14.04dey all jus read sm ayat n dn fin..
  • d wedding:
    - frm zuhr till maghrib they sit together n eat kat.
    - then maghrib till late nite they'l have singing and dancing (nt rly dancing..they dance with their jambiya,yemeni "keris").
    - in amran, d 1st wedding i atended the groom carry guns bt in sana'a the groom carry sword (nt real sword)...dats all...i guess
  • oh yes..
    - do you know the story of queen balqis and nabi sulaiman? - queen balqis palace is actually situated here in ma'rib,yemen!!
  • surah al-qalam ayat 17-32:
    - it tells abt the ppl of the garden..
    - the place is called "ardul jannah"
    - d place is smwhere btwn sana'a and amran, hvn't been there yet tho, 1day i'l go i.A.
  • surah al-saba', ayat 15-19:
    - tells abt the ppl of Sheba..
    - the place is in ma'rib as well, near to queen balqis's palace..
    - the place is called "ardul jannatain"..

i'l b bak in ramadhan I.A i guess, i hope nt later than Ramadhan.. N hope can memorize 10juz min by then..huh..

at baabul yemen

this is what happens when it rains here..flood