Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First of all...


And today I have "officially" finished 1 juz ever since I came here & got a bed and cupboard!!. Insya Allah I'll finish till juz 21 byu the time you come..

And then to finish by juz 14 by mid-May.

(fattah, cepat la buat facebook...and y is ur new email address so weird?? hahahaha.. and check ur email..hehe)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


• Receptionist
• General Clerk
• Account Clerk
• Account Manager
• Admin Executive
• Admin Managers
• Human Resource Executive
• Human Resource Manager
• I.T. – all positions
• Telemarketing executive
• Customer Service Executive
• Business Consultant
• Beautician
• Maid
• Massage for men and women
• Nurse
• Coiffeur
Criteria :
1. Able to converse well in English
2. Minimum 5years working experience
3. Computer literate
4. Malaysian and Indonesian nationality preferred
5. Full-time work, part-time not allowed
6. Able to sign a minimum of 1year work contract

If Interested, email RESUME & PICTURE :

Friday, January 23, 2009


So, I did went to my dad's hospital but I did not get to do anything as the things that I needed were not prepared..huh.. It was really frustrating and I don't think I have the mood to write about it. They really have no sense of urgency and undisciplined!! So, I had to go again yesterday, Alhamdulillah everything that I needed was ready and I got the job done..

I've been staying alone for the past few days as my roommates went to Hudaidah, coming back today. Here, we do the cooking but since my roommates are not here I had to do the cooking alone and so, I cooked Chicken Curry. It was quite ok, since its my first time cooking curry. hahaha..

I just finished skyping with my mum and sisters.. And its already almost maghrib so I've got to go now..


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Salam.. I have been in Yemen for about two weeks now, now my classes is 3 times a week. On Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm staying at the same hostel when I came the 1st time, but this time I'm in the same room with 2 malaysians on the first floor. The first floor used to be for students who are married but I guess they were moved to another building or so. So, now the first floor is basically like a Chinese village. All the apartment units are Chinese (except for the one infront of ours) , in each unit there are two rooms. There are about 10 units on each floor. So, the second floor is from Bosnia, etc.. 4rd floor frm albania, etc, 4th floor frm africa, etc..

Today I'm going to my dad's hospital again, my mum asked me to help with some of her work since the people here did not get it done yet. So, I'll be goingnow and I hope they have prepared all that I need so that I can finish it all quickly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Safe arrival..

I arrived safely last night at 11pm Yemen time. I was picked up by my step-brother, Muhammad. Some of my malaysian friends here also came to see me at the airport. Then there were nothing else to do except for SLEEP!!! I can't sleep in an aeroplane, I don't know why...

So today, I went to the police station first to register, then went to buy some stuffs at a supermarket, and went to cc for a while. a t the cc I met Amirul (jawa), Musa (basma's bro), Aiman batch 06 and some other adnians who are here for the arabic language programme.

And now, I have just finished skyping with my sisters and mother =)
I have to go now.. It's maghrib..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye Bye..

As most of you know, I'll be going back to Yemen again on Sunday. The flight is in the afternoon but I have to be at the airport by 9am =(
This time I will be going for about a year. It depends on me, how fast I can finish up 30juz (24 more to go). I hope to finish by nov/dec 2010.. I have to, so that I can join the pilot entry in Jan 2010. =)

Saturday, 10/01/09...

I went out with Atiq. We met at KLCC then had lunch at pelita, after that we decided to go watch a movie. There were not much choice, we end up watching Bedtime Stories. It was quite good though, funny. Then after all this he decided to follow me to buy some stuff which I wanna bring to Yemen.

So, we had to queue for about half an hour at the KLCC LRT Station just to get the tickets. Once we reached Wangsa Maju LRT Station we went to a clinic near Jusco because I need to get a medicine to bring to Yemen too. Later we went a restaurant and Atiq ate lunch while I bought some food to take home (my granny and aunt coming).
After all this we went to Carrefour to get the things I need to bring. While we were buying the things my mum and my sisters said that they are going to Carrefour too to get some things so, Atiq and I decided to go to the arcade.

We played 2 racing car games, 2 shooting games and mini hockey. The 1st game of mini hockey was just so funny that my stomach could have burst, I couldn't even stand still, and of course I WON!! The racing car game I lost some rounds though..

Then I sent Atiq to the bus stop and told him which bus to take (later when I was on the way home he called whether is he on the right bus!! HAHAHAHA). Then we went home immediately as my ganny and aunt was waiting for me, to see me before I go then my aunt decided to stay to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and now are sleeping here..
My mum bought a cake, and my sis bought me a gift before I went this time.. Luckily they did that!! hahahah.. They gave me a green heart-shaped pillow (quite girlish..huh..but.. =) ).