Thursday, July 31, 2008


fuh!! what a big relief! Last week was not so good. (now i'm no longer in darul quran, i'm staying and studying in hostel sinan. The sheikh would come thrice a week, sunday,tuesday and thursday after 'asr). However, last tuesday i did not read to my sheikh as my memorization was not so good (couldn't really concentrate - thinking of august hehe) and the Surah was quite long. It was a 7 page surah (Surah Al-Zukhruf), up till now the longest surah i've memorized is only about 4.5 pages.. But, Alhamdulillah i finished the surah on thursday "successfully"!! It sure was a big relief..
Next is As-Shura which is 6 pages and then Al-Fussilat also 6 pages then the worst is Surah Al-Ghafir, almost 10pages!! and then Az-Zumar - around 9pages..huh.. a 10 pages surah then a 9 page... bt if i finish Az-Zumar then i'l have 3juz left..which i hope to finish before i go back to malaysia somewhere in august..

Btw, I somehow just realized that they use motorcycles as taxi too in yemen. I din't know it "exists".

My mum is arriving tonight :D so i might be away for a week..hihi..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Change of Plans...

Salam. As you can read the title there will be some of change of plans.

1) There is a possibility that I will be going back to Malaysia somewhere in August (maybe mid-august) for a few days and then I'll return back to Yemen and really come back to Malaysia when I finish 10juz!. Why? Because my new father is going to Malaysia to meet the rest of the family and since we did not have any "kenduri"/photo taking here so my mum wants to have it when he comes and for that my mum wants me to be present as well.

2)Because of the above I might go back to Malaysia after raya..but if I still get to finish 10juz by raya then perhaps I'll come back for raya.. Besides, my mum said: "Why don't I try the raya here?" I thought about it when I first came but I still wanted to go back for raya..

Hmm... I don't know.. Stay/go back for raya??? :s suggestions ny1??

and my mum is coming AGAIN IN TWO WEEEKKKSSSSS!!!! :D and hopefully this time we'll be able to go to ma'rib!

oh..and I finally finished 5juz..and will the finish the 6th by the end of the month ..and finish 10juz before raya..Insha Allah

Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday was just all my other days..except for one!

Last night my hostel area blackout for a while about after maghrib. But usually the mosque has electric since it has a generator everytime that happens but I guess the generator broke down or something so the mosque did not have electricity.. So, the mosque was kinda dark.

As usual, I go to the mosque to pray isya'.. After isya' prayer I went to take my sandal (in yemen ppl keep their shoes/sandals inside the mosque, there will be like small2 boxes inside the mosque for ppl to keep their shoes) but I couldn't find it, well not only me but there were some others who found their shoes/sandals was stolen too.. Then since I couldn't find my sandal someone offered me to borrow his selipar and return it to him when I get a new sandal..

Well..anyways I was about to buy a new sandal as my sandal was kinda worn out and just a matter of time for it to be unusable..

Oh yes, btw I went to alhaddah during the weekend with my step-father and it seems that the grapes was ripe and ready to be plucked and eaten.. So after friday prayers we went to his farm plucked 1 grape (it was rly big and delicious!!).. Then when we reached the house he told the gardener to bring me to the farm and pluck some grapes for me, so I went down to the farm again and got two more grapes just for myself hihi and I thought of keeping it till saturday but I finished it by maghrib cos I couldn't resist it..haha.. It was relly2 delicious.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Haddah is one of the name of a strreet in Sana'a. But Alhaddah is a name of a village, about 2hr journey by car from Sana'a. It's my step-father's village. We went a few days after they got married.

His villa.

Guess who... My mum!

His farm - there's grape, apple, pomegrenate, almonds, zaitun, balas, manggo, firsik/farsik (nt rly sure of the name actly)

Do u knw we can actually eat this?? What is this "thing" called?

Cut off the sides.

Cut thru the middle.

Ready to be eaten. Quite nice except if its seeds is big..

YEMEN WITH MUM - Darul Hajar

Darul Hajar is a house built on a rock and their water source is from a well which is dug THROUGH THE ROCK!

Darul (House) Hajar (Stone)

And this is "room" for the servants...the entrance is like a closet as the above..actually it does look more like a closet than a room...

That's the restaurant on the left.


One of the building inside the Darul Hajar compund.

Qat chewing room.

Right - Fridge (meat,water). It's already cold enough that they don't need a fridge like us.

An example for the above.

Left - closet.

The oven.

Right - place to mix flour with water.
Left - sink!

The small door on the bottom-right is another wheat store - in the kitchen.

The well which is dug thru the rock! Its abt 280m if i'm nt mistaken...
how and who dug the well?? I I wonder how and who??

Wheat grinder.
Wheat storage starts from here - for the winter..
And its a few metres high also - forgot..

and ends here - its supposed to be closed then they jjs open the door and the wheat will come gushing down.. (smthg like this)

The king's sitting room (1) - thats his pic.

The king's sitting room (2).

The king's meditation room.

This are holes....FOR GUNS!

Shelter for his pigeons.

This is the place where the king sits to write letters.

My guardian and I.

My mum and I.

My guardian w his daughter&granddaughter and I. And the building behind us is the High Court.

Darul Hajar
It also has winter rooms for men and women - its for them to sit in during winter as the position of the room is opposite to the winter wind so the room is much warmer than other rooms.
The king has 4 wives and each wife has their own room, even the king has his own private room, just for himself. There was also room for the king's mother.
Well...I guess that's all for now..Till next time.