Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday was just all my other days..except for one!

Last night my hostel area blackout for a while about after maghrib. But usually the mosque has electric since it has a generator everytime that happens but I guess the generator broke down or something so the mosque did not have electricity.. So, the mosque was kinda dark.

As usual, I go to the mosque to pray isya'.. After isya' prayer I went to take my sandal (in yemen ppl keep their shoes/sandals inside the mosque, there will be like small2 boxes inside the mosque for ppl to keep their shoes) but I couldn't find it, well not only me but there were some others who found their shoes/sandals was stolen too.. Then since I couldn't find my sandal someone offered me to borrow his selipar and return it to him when I get a new sandal..

Well..anyways I was about to buy a new sandal as my sandal was kinda worn out and just a matter of time for it to be unusable..

Oh yes, btw I went to alhaddah during the weekend with my step-father and it seems that the grapes was ripe and ready to be plucked and eaten.. So after friday prayers we went to his farm plucked 1 grape (it was rly big and delicious!!).. Then when we reached the house he told the gardener to bring me to the farm and pluck some grapes for me, so I went down to the farm again and got two more grapes just for myself hihi and I thought of keeping it till saturday but I finished it by maghrib cos I couldn't resist it..haha.. It was relly2 delicious.

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