Tuesday, July 8, 2008

YEMEN WITH MUM - Darul Hajar

Darul Hajar is a house built on a rock and their water source is from a well which is dug THROUGH THE ROCK!

Darul (House) Hajar (Stone)

And this is "room" for the servants...the entrance is like a closet as the above..actually it does look more like a closet than a room...

That's the restaurant on the left.


One of the building inside the Darul Hajar compund.

Qat chewing room.

Right - Fridge (meat,water). It's already cold enough that they don't need a fridge like us.

An example for the above.

Left - closet.

The oven.

Right - place to mix flour with water.
Left - sink!

The small door on the bottom-right is another wheat store - in the kitchen.

The well which is dug thru the rock! Its abt 280m if i'm nt mistaken...
how and who dug the well?? I xknw..bt I wonder how and who??

Wheat grinder.
Wheat storage starts from here - for the winter..
And its a few metres high also - forgot..

and ends here - its supposed to be closed then they jjs open the door and the wheat will come gushing down.. (smthg like this)

The king's sitting room (1) - thats his pic.

The king's sitting room (2).

The king's meditation room.

This are holes....FOR GUNS!

Shelter for his pigeons.

This is the place where the king sits to write letters.

My guardian and I.

My mum and I.

My guardian w his daughter&granddaughter and I. And the building behind us is the High Court.

Darul Hajar
It also has winter rooms for men and women - its for them to sit in during winter as the position of the room is opposite to the winter wind so the room is much warmer than other rooms.
The king has 4 wives and each wife has their own room, even the king has his own private room, just for himself. There was also room for the king's mother.
Well...I guess that's all for now..Till next time.


Anonymous said...

nih raja mana yg duduk kt hajar castle tuuh??? masih ada ke raja dia skang??? =)


Ahmad said...

xde..skarang jadi tourist site je..xde sapa2 tingal dlm tu..kena beli ticket nk masuk.