Monday, June 16, 2008

Turkey vs Czech Republich

Recently I moved into a new hostel, Sinan House... At the highest floor there's a hall where there are snooker table, ping-pong table, and some gym equipments and a tv.. And since UEFA UERO 2008 is going on so almost all students go up to watch football at night..

But among all matches they've watched yesterday' match was like the most anticipated,most viewers (even I went to see it this time)..

After 60minutes the Czech's were leading by 2-0.. Most of us want Turkey to win, so we were like "oh no.."
Then in the 75th minute the Turks finally scored, eventhough they need two more goals to win or at least an equaliser everyone was really happy with that goal!.. After that Turkey was constantly in the attack..
As we were enjoying the heart-beating match suddenly BLACKOUT!! Every one was like "what's going on? did the sheikh turned off the electricity? and one of them called the sheikh and asked..a few minutes later electricity came back on..=)"
Then in the 87th minute came the equaliser, more shouts of joy came and they were also jumping out of joy and no one seem to be able to sit down and watch the match, some were standing and the Caech supporters were of course feeling down now adn being "mocked" by the Turkey supporters... And two minutes later Turkey managed to score their winning goal and this time the noise and all was v v v loud...
4minutes was the indicated extra-time and the Turkey goalkeeper got a red card and they were down to 10men..Everyone was feeling nervous again,afraid that Czech would score the equaliser..
At the 96th minute the referee blew his whistle!! Hence, the match ended with Turkey as the winner and are through to the Quarter-Finals of UEFA UERO 2008, facing Croatia.

that's all...

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