Monday, June 9, 2008



22nd May - My mum came and I picked her up from the airport.

We didn't actually go to many places that I wanted to go with her because of the bombings and fightings. And these people like to pick tourist spots because if they hide behind any building then the government will just bomb the building! So if the government won't bomb the tourist site. hahaha

But Alhamdulillah we did get to go to some places.

The first week she was here I was just following her to her meetings and bringing her to her meetings since I know the place and all. But we did get to go do a bit of "shopping" in one of the days in the first week.

and the rest is all in the video below..

the picture of me with another man is my guardian..

hope you enjoyed the video but I'm really sorry as it's so fast..couldn't make it go slower.. just play and pause the whole time,ok?..

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