Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Fair

Salam. This will be just a short post.

I have finally found a new way in dealing with my bored and free time!! Usually I would just go to the cybercafe and play some games but now I can spend it in a better way!. A few days ago there was a book fair at the Apollo International Exhibition, Sana'a. I went in hope of being able to buy some novels and a Tafsir Ibn Kathir but in English or some books regarding pilot.

The place was really huge but I wasn't interested in having a stroll, I just wanted to find the books that I want and leave and that was just what I did. I found some novels and some books regarding pilot and bought it. Unfortunately, I could not find a Tafsir Ibn Kathir translated in English.


my mum and sisters will arrive in 2 days, Insha Allah!!