Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back On-Line!!


It has been about 3 weeks since I last blogged. Actually, I have nothing much, perhaps nothing at all to write about. During the past few weeks I have finally been consistent in my Tahfiz memorizations and revisions. Currently I am at 16 juz mark, Insha Allah will be at 17th by the end od the week.

So, right now since I am studying at Iman University I can no longer do 2 pages per day. Instead, I have now reduced it to 1 page per day - until the holidays that is.. And also my target is that I finish 20 by September and do not have any "holes"!!
My mum is currently in Malaysia for business purposes which leaves me babysitting my sisters. hahaha . . . She was supposed to return sometime next week but had to postpone to next next week.

Also, I am "worrying" about how I am going to watch the World Cup??!!! We don't have a satellite yet, a TV yes, we do. My only option right now is to go out and watch it. I've checked the time difference between Yemen and South Africa which is -1 hour difference. The match times are at 1.30pm, 4pm, 8.30pm South Africa time which means it'll be 2.30pm, 5pm, 9.30pm here. Actually the time of the matches is better here than if I am in Malaysia!!

The problem is, I hate going out to watch the World Cup, I'd rather watch it at home, lying down comfortably at my cozy sofa infront of the Television, if I need anything I can just go and grab it from the kitchen/fridge + the system to watch football here is different. Once, I went to watch UEFA Champions League Final match, the entry alone costs Yemeni Riyal (YR) 300!! And the TV was SMAL!!! And it was CROWDED!!! And the chairs does NOT look comfortable! Of course, in the end I just went home, did not even watch the match . . . I might check out some of the cafe's nearby though.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't judge a book by it's cover . . .

Often do we hear that proverb. Well . . .In this case, don't judge a person by it's appearances!

I am sure you get the morale of the video right? (Just incase if you don't, just comment)
So, I'll just leave the explanations. There is also one story similar to this. A story related from one of Wali-wali Allah, Hasan Basri.

The story goes like this:
One day, Hasan Basri was sitting on a river bed and saw a man holding an alcohol glass bottle and sitting with a young lady. He said to himself, "What a bad person he is! I wish he is as good as me."
At the same time there was a boat travelling in the river and slowly the boat started to sink. There were 7 people on that boat. That man immediately jumped into the river to save them from drowning and was able to save 6 of them. Then he turned around and said to Hasan Basri, "If you are more noblr than me, in the name of Allah, go and save that one person that is still in drowning in the river. You save only one person but I saved 6."
However, Hasan Basri was not able to save that one person. That man said to him, "Sir, the lady with me is my mother, and the bottle contains only water. This event was a test for you."
Upon hearing this, Hasan fell to a sitting position and said, "Like how you had saved 6 persons from drowning, save me from drowning in pride and arrogance." That man replied, "May Allah fulfill your prayer."
Ever since this event happened, Hasan became a very humble person.

Until next time . . =D