Sunday, May 31, 2009


On the night of UEFA Champions League Final my roomate, Zikry and I went to Jawlah Rowaishan, Haddah to watch it. We were to meet other Malaysians amd go in together. Unfortunately, they arrived late and there were no seats left. Besides, the television was SMALL AND WE HAD TO PAY 300RIYAL PER PERSON!!! And I did not have enough money at that time (I bought knee and thigh support just before)..
In the end we did not watch and went back to our hostel =(

Alhamdulillah FINALLY I GET TO PLAY FOOTBALL, it's been 5 months and it's not futsal but football (big field - which I haven't played in years!!). It's only on every Friday mornings though but satisfying =D

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was playing ping-pong at the sports hall until almost maghrib and received a sms from one of my roomates asking me to help pick up his clothes from the verandah.. Then I went to my room to have my dinner only to find that it "disappeared" !! I searched frantically for it, but to no avail - Starving..

Since I only have to cook dinner and it its quite costly since I am eating alone + I have to cook alone + the fact that I go for lunch at my dad's house and return to my hostel by 4.30pm, which by that time I am tired/no mood to cook/no time to cook..hehe
I have decided to have dinner with other groups.. So, first I tried asking the students from China:

C: "You might not like our food, even some of the Chinese don't eat with us because they are from different parts of China + we put in 8k per month."
M: "ok..."

Then I asked a student from Ghana:
G: "We only cook once a day. We cook for lunch only and we have dinner outside."
M: "ok.. That's fine. How about if you keep some for me??"
G: " That's sounds good, no problem."
M: " How much do you pay per month??"
G: "4k."
M: ~shocked~
G: " Expensive?? You can talk with Umar, he's the chief for this month in this department"

Then I was left with two choices - Tajikistan and Sri Lanka.. I decided to go ask the Tajikistanis first:
~The discussion was quite long so I'm lazy to write..hahaha..It all went well. It's up to me whether I want to help with the cooking,etc + if I don't really like the food they cook then I can just cook whatever I want + best of all is that I only need to pay 2500!!! hahaha!! cheapest!! So, this will save me some money.~