Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend at Alhaddah with Family!!

Salam. As you all know (to those who have been reading my blog since before) my step-father would go back to his village during the weekends, bringing one of his wife along, if he is in Yemen that is. Two weeks ago was my mum's turn to go there with him. So, went we did on Thursday night at around 11pm I guess. The journey, as usual, took 2 hours. Upon reaching we had supper, watched some tv (we don't have TV in our current and previous house) and went to bed at around 2.30am!! Thankfully, we managed to wake up for Fajr prayers but went back to sleep after praying.

As it was the first time for my sisters to be there, they were quite excited. Exploring the whole house the next morning and the house compound too with much curiosity to the new environment. hahaha.. After having breakfast they went to explore the swimming pool and of course, we couldn't resist the temptation of going for a swim and so we did went for a swim after having breakfast and cleaning up the house.

We swam for about 1 hour and it was such a lot of fun!! Even they haven't swam for a long time as they were preparing to move to Yemen, and a very long time since we all swam together. Up next on the agenda, was to visit the farm. Disappointedly, the farm had nothing as the winter season had just ended and the summer is just beginning. Once June/July comes, there will be tons of fruits "waiting" to be devoured by us!!

Here's some pictures for this post. Enjoy!!

the pool building

sauna (the small door)

the pool.