Friday, March 20, 2009

Food Supplies

My guardian came back from Malaysia last night and got the things today, after Friday prayers. Wow!! It was a really big and heavy bag! I quickly walked back to my room and "ransacked the contents inside the beg! haha..
My supplies:
  1. 4kg of Dutch Lady powder milk (milk is v v v expensive here!!!)
  2. 4box of Campbell's Instant Mushroom Soup (they don't have Campbell's here, only Knorr/Maggi and it's expensive too)
  3. 10 choki-choki (hehe..)
  4. 4 packs of Hi Sour
  5. 5 POLO (sweet)
  6. A big pack of Muruku
  7. A big pack of Roasted Groundnuts
  8. Nestum
  9. Geometrical Gummies
  10. Cloud 9
  11. Chupa-chups (lollipop)
  12. And not to mention the Spices!!! there are around 20 type of spices! and there's Belacan!! I can make Sambal Belacan!!
Then, I immediately arranged the things (all of it is kept under my table and inside my table's drawer).. Sweets and chocolates go inside my drawer and the rest is arranged nicely under my table. Now I can save a bit when it comes to buying groceries, I don't need to buy any chocolates, biscuits, milk anymore!! All of this can sure last me quite a while, 3 months perhaps. =D

After arranging the things I just couldn't wwait to open and eat the sweetes/chocolates. So, firstly, I ate Cloud 9 then Hi Sour and since I couldn't wait to my "beloved" sweet with a hole, POLO I chewed the Hi Sour and swallowed it ASAP and ate my POLO..

Thank You v v v v Much MUM.. And don't need to buy or send anything else, afraid that I won't be able to finish it..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After the fight...

Ever since the fight he's been sleeping outside everyday and rarely comes back. I've been sleeping and cokking and eating alone almost all the time. Well, I guess I much prefer this way. LOL..
I'll be getting food/spices supplies n a recipe book from Malaysia by Saturday or Sunday. My guardian went to Malaysia (for work) on Saturday and he's coming back tomorrow. Since he's there my mum send the things through him. Insha Allah will get it by Saturday or Sunday!! hehe
That's because things like milk, fruits are quite expensive here!! And since the supermarket that I go to is a small one, they don't have much things/choices of brands. And they certainly don't have all those perencah tomyam, etc.. hahaha

Just a short post this time.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

What the......???

What is wrong with going shopping for groceries alone?? Usually every Friday we go out to buy groceries, but yesterday I had lunch at my guardian's house and I stayed there till around 8pm. So, my 2 roommates were left to do the shopping but only one went (I don't know why..). And I don't know where he went to do the shopping because he bought only a few groceries needed (so he has to go the market (AGAIN)).. And then he asked me to follow to do the groceries today @ 8.30am, which I couldn't because that's the only time I do my memorization.

He said he's going to go this supermarket called Al-Huda, its bigger and the veges are fresher. Why didn't he go yesterday?? And before he went he asked me to go the mini market near the mosque and buy potato, onions, and sugar. This is another no sense (is it correct nunu? or is it unsenseable?) thought, he's already going to a bigger and better supermarket than the 1 we usually go to and he asks me to go but some other things at a mini market which will definitely be expensive!
When I asked him (by sms), "Why don't you just buy all the things?" he replied, "Why didn't you come with me? I'm not a maid that can carry many stuffs! I'm a child of a rich person too! Why don't you want to co-operate?" I'm a child of a rich person too!???? I dont' really get that (especially that "too")..

Its not like there are many things needed, only potato, carrot, chilli, cabbage, onion, garlic, eggs, tomato, chicken/ 1kg of meat / fishes, mmm..dats all i guess and he had bought tomato, chilli, cabbage last night. All that's left are potato, onion, eggs, carrot. Can't you carry just these few things all alone?? Plus, when you do things you'd definitely want to do it in 1 go but not for him. Last night he went to do the groceries, this morning he went again and now someone has to go to the supermarket AGAIN just because the things that he asked me to buy at the mini market wasn't available and he did not buy eggs!!

Its not like I'm being sarcastic or whatever but I've been doing groceries ALONE since I was what? 7/8, perhaps younger. I'd go by cycling or walking and after buying the groceries I cycle/walk back home with all the things! I've even gone up to Carrefour & Giant by cycling and walking (mm..I don't think I've ever walked to Giant when it comes to buying the groceries though) and doing the shopping alone and carrying it home alone! I've carried 10kg of rice and a set of eggs on one hand and all the other groceries on the other hand - which of course at times I get backaches or whatsoever! And when I go by cycling that makes it even harder because I have to balance my bicycle (10kg of rice on one side and all the other groceries on the other side, not to mention 2/3kg of laundry detergent!) while going down the hill and its especially tough while going up the hill (have to go up a hill to my house).
But its not like he has to carry it up to the room alone + he goes to the supermarket by bus! You just go and buy the things, get in the bus and put the things on the floor, enjoy the ride and get down when you reach the hostel. As simple as ABC...

Even if you know that at the supermarket you can't get all the things needed but you CAN GET MOST OF IT then its better rather than going to this place thinking you can get everything but it turns out that you only get 2 or 3 things!

(correct me if I'm wrong anywhere or bad. Thank You)

I have some questions.. We all put in YR1000 per week for the groceries. When its like this no matter who bought it and who didn't we all get the same share right? And if you just happen not to be there during eating time and the food finishes you can't blame the rest right?
And each person buys 1kg of rice and a packet of mee every week with their own money.

1) Once we cooked fried mee. And we finished it (well, he didn't come home the whole day). And then he was like I bought that mee and you guys finished it. Why did he buy it in the 1st place?? Because it's for all of us and on that day we just happened to cook fried mee and it just so happened that it was the one he bought & we used it & we finished it - he didn't get to eat the mee he bought at all. Is it our fault that he didn't get to eat it??!
2) We usually buy 6 packets of Indo Mee also just incase if we finished our dishes during lunch time. When the (same) guy said, "I'm not home at night nowadays, so if you want it then buy using your own $." Is it right for him to say that? Just because he doesn't eat dinner at home does that mean we can't too? The Indo Mee IS in the groceries list, if you won't be able to eat it but the rest needs it, and it's food, so, it should be bought using the "food money". RIGHT?

My friend who got hit by a car is able to walk now and the taxi company found the driver who hit him. He came to visit a week ago, it turned out to be that he wasn't the one who hit my friend, it was that taxi driver's friend. That taxi driver lend his car to his friend because he went to Aden.

Huh.. I'll be retreating for now.. Looking foward for your comments.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Tagged - facebook

Do you think you don't know enough about yourself that you have to take a quiz created by God-knows-who to determine who you really are ? Doesn't matter the answer is yes or no, coz you're it ! =P And don't forget to tag it afterwards !

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Any comments??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did anyone else get this??


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