Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did anyone else get this??


I'm writing to you to know if by any chance you would be interested in doing an unbiased review (in English language) of our site on your blog

Here is some information about the site -
The site brings in the beauty of Asian furniture to countries worldwide for all to enjoy.

They sell original collection of handmade, affordable solid-wood furniture made by manufacturers in Indonesia.

Everyone looks to east for more exotic inspiration, top-quality design, craftsmanship and materials, and hand made designs exclusively for themselves. Rather than pigeon-hole into a specific style, the site offers the flexibility to mix and match individual products to beautiful effect. Their tranquil stores are styled to give a sense of how the furniture works in real homes, have a welcoming, one-off feel. Since everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait months for something you've fallen in love with, they try their best to deliver within two to three weeks.

Click on the link to see a snapshot of the website -

If you agree we will send you a payment for the review.

More information about the site would be sent to you along with the payment.

Please let me know if you are interested.

?????? REAL??

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Z I K R Y said...

gile arh...apebenda ah dkat link tu..merepek mesti kerja org yg takde kerja,..aik?