Thursday, October 22, 2009

of Random of Babblings..

Hello there!! Sorry for the long absence. It was just that I had nothing to write about, nothing worth to be written here. Anyways, I am back for today and will write about what I've been through since my last post.



This year was my first time having Eid overseas, in Yemen. The Eid prayers starts quite early in the morning, at around 6.30am, some at 6am.

1st day of Eid was spent mostly with me staying in my hostel almost the whole day. Malaysians here was invited to have Eid prayers at the Embassy's house and had "bihun sup, nasi impit and kuah kacang" for breakfast.

The rest of Eid was .. .. ..



In August my previous roomates (Faez and Zikry) returned to Malaysia leaving me the only Malaysian in the hostel and the only one in the room. However, a few weeks later a group of new Tajikistani students came to study in Yemen and 2 of them came to stay with me in my room. At first things were bad between us but was soon sorted out. And in the end, they CHANGED ROOM!! HAHAHAHA.. Why?? Let's just say that they just can't stand our lifestyle (or you can say MY lifestyle!)

During Ramadhan another Malaysian, Shakor, came to stay in the same hostel as me but was staying in a different room, now he might be moving to come and stay with me in my room.
After Eid another Malaysian, Ismail, also came to stay in the hostel I am staying at and is currently staying with me.


Tahfiz Al-Quran

Alhamdulillah, I have now finished 15juz, half of the Quran. Now I am targetting to finish 20juz by the end of November and is looking to start having Tafsir class once I finish 20juz.



I am anxiously waiting for 3rd November. Why?? Because that is when my mum and sisters flight to Yemen will be! huhuhuhuh. My mum and sisters will be arriving at Yemen in 13days!!!! huhuhuhuhuhu ... They will be coming to stay here.
~ I will only have a few months with them before I go back to Malaysia for my studies though =( ~


That is all for today. Insha Allah I shall be writing a new post next week!