Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family ...

Salam dear readers. Another long absence, sorry. I have been quite busy lately as my family has just moved here recently, about a month and a half ago.

At 9am, 3rd November 2009, my mum and sisters arrived safely in Sana’a International Airport, Yemen. After 2 hours of being questioned in the airport they were finally able to exit and go to our new house – it was even the first time for me. Our house is located just a few minutes away from the airport.

For the first few weeks we were busy unpacking, arranging, shopping and re-arranging the house. Now, they have finally settled in, my mum is starting to work, two of my sisters schooling at Turkish International School and the younger ones are doing Tahfiz.

Currently, I am staying with them. But it won’t be for long as I might be staying at a hostel once I start in Iman University as our house is very very far and I have to be at the University before Fajr prayers!! And there will be no bus available at 4am in the morning.


This was their first ‘Eid here and also my first Eid with them here, in Yemen. We went to the house of Mr. Hardi, secretary of malaysian embassy. There were Eid prayers, breakfast then the slaughtering, and lunch. Also met the Adni students that came here for the arabic program, none of them I know, except for Harith Kamarul and his younger brother. We also went for "beraya" at some Malaysian houses.

More Change of plans for me:

Looks like I won't be going back to Malaysia next year. I am currently applying to enter Iman University this year and get in first year directly, without having to go through the 3 years of arabic language course. If I do succeed, then the plan is to study there for 4 years (4 years to get a degree, 7 years for Master) then only return back to Malaysia for my pilot studies

Malaysian Family Day:

It was held at University of Science Technology (UST), girls section on the 3rd of December. We had breakfast then there were some games which my sisters really enjoyed. After all the games there was lunch and we head back home later.

Later, on the 10th December, was the prize-giving ceremony and dinner at University of Science and Technology Hospital Big Hall, which we also attended. First up was the dinner of course, which was Nasi Ayam. After dinner was the prize-giving ceremony, which my sisters won lots of prizes!! And we went back early.. hahah

Change of Season

Ever since last month we have entered the winter season. However, the winter this year is said to be not as cold as previous years.

One more thing to note during winter is that the prayer times have changed quite drastically!

During the summer, fajr at around 4.15am-4.30am, zuhr at around 12pm-12.15pm, ‘asr, at around 3.20pm-3.30pm, maghrib at around 6.25pm-6.40pm, isya’ at around 7.25pm-7.40pm.

During the winter, fajr at around 4.40am-5.05am, zuhr at around 11.50am-12.10pm, ‘asr at around 2.50pm-3.05pm, maghrib at around 5.35pm-5.45pm, isya’ at around 6.35pm-6.45pm.

Sometimes it feels like you have just prayed and the next prayer time has been called upon. Especially for zuhr and asr, and MOST ESCPECIALLY for maghrib and isya’.