Friday, March 20, 2009

Food Supplies

My guardian came back from Malaysia last night and got the things today, after Friday prayers. Wow!! It was a really big and heavy bag! I quickly walked back to my room and "ransacked the contents inside the beg! haha..
My supplies:
  1. 4kg of Dutch Lady powder milk (milk is v v v expensive here!!!)
  2. 4box of Campbell's Instant Mushroom Soup (they don't have Campbell's here, only Knorr/Maggi and it's expensive too)
  3. 10 choki-choki (hehe..)
  4. 4 packs of Hi Sour
  5. 5 POLO (sweet)
  6. A big pack of Muruku
  7. A big pack of Roasted Groundnuts
  8. Nestum
  9. Geometrical Gummies
  10. Cloud 9
  11. Chupa-chups (lollipop)
  12. And not to mention the Spices!!! there are around 20 type of spices! and there's Belacan!! I can make Sambal Belacan!!
Then, I immediately arranged the things (all of it is kept under my table and inside my table's drawer).. Sweets and chocolates go inside my drawer and the rest is arranged nicely under my table. Now I can save a bit when it comes to buying groceries, I don't need to buy any chocolates, biscuits, milk anymore!! All of this can sure last me quite a while, 3 months perhaps. =D

After arranging the things I just couldn't wwait to open and eat the sweetes/chocolates. So, firstly, I ate Cloud 9 then Hi Sour and since I couldn't wait to my "beloved" sweet with a hole, POLO I chewed the Hi Sour and swallowed it ASAP and ate my POLO..

Thank You v v v v Much MUM.. And don't need to buy or send anything else, afraid that I won't be able to finish it..


::phoenixnoir:: said...

dah lame tak mkn polo!!!

Anonymous said...

perh...bapak nk gemuk jer...
hehehe.... jgn smpai tidur jer..krg x hafal kg...

Anonymous said...

haha..tidur?? aku ni mcm zombie ko tau tak skrg nih..