Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ever since I got here I didn't meet my father much or go to his house or go to his farm during the wekends. It was more of going to his hospital to do some works. Finally, last week I had lunch at his house and from now on I'll be having lunch on some days at his house. Also, I went to the farm with him last weekend.

When I went down to the farm, the gardeners were building a wall. However, this wall isn't build using cement and normal bricks. Check out the picture below:

using mud as cement.

the rocks!!

And finally done.
Some were big and some were small stones. Imagine heaving a big stone (it sure is heavy) and then piling the small stones and using mud as cements and having to balance it and for the wall to be in "equilibrium".. They even did it on A SLOPE!! Imagine how hard it is.. 1 thing for sure; SAVE MONEY - NO NEED TO BUY CEMENT AND BRICKS, JUST USE WHATEVER AROUND YOU. haha

And, when we were at the farm I could only see this at all the trees:
Well, he did say that he was going to plant some flowers and vegetables. So, I thought this is the flower! Isn't this "flower" nice?? heh
When I saw this at almost all the trees there I was like "it couldn't be that he took out all of the pomegrenate trees".
Unfortunately, that picture above IS NOT A FLOWER! GUESS WHAT?? It's actually POMEGRENATE!! It really fooled me. LOL! How am I suppose that a pomegrenate looks like this in the "process".. It surely look like its a flower isn't it?? I only realized that it's POMEGRENATE when I saw this:
It sure is amazing isn't it? How from flower-like it will become such a delicious fruit! Well, I certainly can't wait for it to ripe. When it does, it's time for a pomegrenate "feast". haha

Oh. Look at this:
This is a grape. It's size is really2 small! I did not know that grapes look like this in it's early stage too.
~سبحان الله~

~i really hate doing titles..i always seem to can't think of good titles. LOL~

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