Monday, April 27, 2009


Long time no post.. So, this is what happened during all this time:

1. My Tafsir Quran was stolen - I left it at the hostel's musolla, the next morning it was gone.. My name is on it and it's almost 3 weeks now.. Getting a new 1 soon (from Malaysia)

2. My sandal was stolen soon after that - I was watching TV at the Sports Hall..when I finished, it wasn't there anymore..

3. I forgot that I was cooking rice in the kitchen and then I went out for a while... When I came back the the facilitators was mad at me because the rice burned and there was smoke...some even overr-reacted to it.. And my ex-student find this another excuse to annoy me..huh..

4. My memorization hasn't been going too well..since I lost my Tafsir Quran.. And I have been a bit sick these few weeks.. I want 100PLUS!!!!


1. Getting supplies like maggi, 100plus, asam, mentos & Tafsir Quran from Malaysia..YEAAAAYYYY!!!

2. I get to play DOTA with atiq, fafan, and fifie.. =D

3. My mom is coming abt 2wks-1mth... =D

4. I have just borrowed a book " Get Organized" from my guardian.. It looks like a nice book.. =D

5. I still have lunch at my step-dad's house.. So, I get Yemeni home cooked food for lunches! =D
Nothing beats home cooked foods... yummy

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