Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was playing ping-pong at the sports hall until almost maghrib and received a sms from one of my roomates asking me to help pick up his clothes from the verandah.. Then I went to my room to have my dinner only to find that it "disappeared" !! I searched frantically for it, but to no avail - Starving..

Since I only have to cook dinner and it its quite costly since I am eating alone + I have to cook alone + the fact that I go for lunch at my dad's house and return to my hostel by 4.30pm, which by that time I am tired/no mood to cook/no time to cook..hehe
I have decided to have dinner with other groups.. So, first I tried asking the students from China:

C: "You might not like our food, even some of the Chinese don't eat with us because they are from different parts of China + we put in 8k per month."
M: "ok..."

Then I asked a student from Ghana:
G: "We only cook once a day. We cook for lunch only and we have dinner outside."
M: "ok.. That's fine. How about if you keep some for me??"
G: " That's sounds good, no problem."
M: " How much do you pay per month??"
G: "4k."
M: ~shocked~
G: " Expensive?? You can talk with Umar, he's the chief for this month in this department"

Then I was left with two choices - Tajikistan and Sri Lanka.. I decided to go ask the Tajikistanis first:
~The discussion was quite long so I'm lazy to write..hahaha..It all went well. It's up to me whether I want to help with the cooking,etc + if I don't really like the food they cook then I can just cook whatever I want + best of all is that I only need to pay 2500!!! hahaha!! cheapest!! So, this will save me some money.~


Nia Tepplin said...

the cheapest is 2500k? how much do u spend for u alone?

Anonymous said...

sorry...i dnt rly understand..
before i eat with my roommates, we put in 4k per mth - b/fast,lunch,dinner..
2500 is ok..i dnt need to do anything..i just go and eat and bye2..lolx