Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Marriage Mum


As you all know my mum came on the 22nd May.

  • 24th May, Saturday:
    We went to my guardian's office for meeting but there was someone there call him H for now. So, we waited..Then H passed us as he was going out of the office and asked my mum: " Are you student here?" My mum replied: "No." Then my guardian introduced him to us.. that was that..
  • Then he enquired about my mum through my guardian and proposed to my mum...=0
  • 6th June, Monday:
    H came to my guardian's house and we met him. From meeting it turned into marriage discussion. Finally, everything has been agreed.
    Immediately after that we went to the Qadi's house for the akad nikah! I was my mum's wali. I thought the Qadi and the groom only do the "shaking hands"..So, i "hold hands" with the groom and recited the akad as my mum's wali and it was in arabic of course.

  • There was no kenduri or like this as it was a sudden event and he had to go Saudi on Thursday. But he brought us to see his village at Haddah.
    Yes, H is Yemeni. all didn't know, my parents are divorced...since now you know..


imn. said...

tell your mom i said congrats :) i got proposed too, three times. haha, but i said no. so is the H guys going to come to mlysia, or are you guys going to yemen? please don't go to yemen, nyahaha, you'd finish all the bint' soh.

Ahmad said...

yes H will cm for a few weeks, mayb by end of aug,i'll cm bak w H..mayb..

my mum cmg here again early aug but i wnt b able to go bak w her if i dnt finish 10juz by then=( i dnt thk i cn..i hv 6juz to go.. too..and . . .

my mum planned to live in yemen by 2010 cos 2 of my sis will finish highschool by then and she wan them to enter U here n perhaps marry a yemeni mum wants me to marry a yemeni i x knw..see first..hehehe

but i guess i 'l still be at msia,depends on my job..mst probably will take study loan then apply to work with any arab aiirlines=)

Ahmad said...

u went to ma'rib?? i wntd to go w my mum but because of the fighting that's going on so it wasn't really safe..
js hope it'll end by the time my mum comes again in august..hehe..
at least we get to go darul hajar in the end,it was a last minute thg..
did u go to darul hajar? did u enter it?
watch the videoi uploaded to see it..

nadhirah said...

nikahun mubarakun:)

zikry budak sanaa said...

weyh mat sape `h` tue???
alamak ..brahsia la plak..hahaha
ke dr usman..hahahaha
xder ah
saje jee

nu said...

Subhanallah! I know this is too late but I never knew about your parents! Obviously I don't read other people's blogs...But Congratulations on the wedding!!!

Ahmad said...

bkn dr lain.