Sunday, July 20, 2008

Change of Plans...

Salam. As you can read the title there will be some of change of plans.

1) There is a possibility that I will be going back to Malaysia somewhere in August (maybe mid-august) for a few days and then I'll return back to Yemen and really come back to Malaysia when I finish 10juz!. Why? Because my new father is going to Malaysia to meet the rest of the family and since we did not have any "kenduri"/photo taking here so my mum wants to have it when he comes and for that my mum wants me to be present as well.

2)Because of the above I might go back to Malaysia after raya..but if I still get to finish 10juz by raya then perhaps I'll come back for raya.. Besides, my mum said: "Why don't I try the raya here?" I thought about it when I first came but I still wanted to go back for raya..

Hmm... I don't know.. Stay/go back for raya??? :s suggestions ny1??

and my mum is coming AGAIN IN TWO WEEEKKKSSSSS!!!! :D and hopefully this time we'll be able to go to ma'rib!

oh..and I finally finished 5juz..and will the finish the 6th by the end of the month ..and finish 10juz before raya..Insha Allah

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nu said...

cepat baliiiiiik!!