Thursday, July 31, 2008


fuh!! what a big relief! Last week was not so good. (now i'm no longer in darul quran, i'm staying and studying in hostel sinan. The sheikh would come thrice a week, sunday,tuesday and thursday after 'asr). However, last tuesday i did not read to my sheikh as my memorization was not so good (couldn't really concentrate - thinking of august hehe) and the Surah was quite long. It was a 7 page surah (Surah Al-Zukhruf), up till now the longest surah i've memorized is only about 4.5 pages.. But, Alhamdulillah i finished the surah on thursday "successfully"!! It sure was a big relief..
Next is As-Shura which is 6 pages and then Al-Fussilat also 6 pages then the worst is Surah Al-Ghafir, almost 10pages!! and then Az-Zumar - around 9pages..huh.. a 10 pages surah then a 9 page... bt if i finish Az-Zumar then i'l have 3juz left..which i hope to finish before i go back to malaysia somewhere in august..

Btw, I somehow just realized that they use motorcycles as taxi too in yemen. I din't know it "exists".

My mum is arriving tonight :D so i might be away for a week..hihi..


Anonymous said...

wahahahahahaha gud luck my pren xD

Anonymous said...

thank you my fren