Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Salam.. I have been in Yemen for about two weeks now, now my classes is 3 times a week. On Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm staying at the same hostel when I came the 1st time, but this time I'm in the same room with 2 malaysians on the first floor. The first floor used to be for students who are married but I guess they were moved to another building or so. So, now the first floor is basically like a Chinese village. All the apartment units are Chinese (except for the one infront of ours) , in each unit there are two rooms. There are about 10 units on each floor. So, the second floor is from Bosnia, etc.. 4rd floor frm albania, etc, 4th floor frm africa, etc..

Today I'm going to my dad's hospital again, my mum asked me to help with some of her work since the people here did not get it done yet. So, I'll be goingnow and I hope they have prepared all that I need so that I can finish it all quickly.

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