Friday, January 23, 2009


So, I did went to my dad's hospital but I did not get to do anything as the things that I needed were not prepared..huh.. It was really frustrating and I don't think I have the mood to write about it. They really have no sense of urgency and undisciplined!! So, I had to go again yesterday, Alhamdulillah everything that I needed was ready and I got the job done..

I've been staying alone for the past few days as my roommates went to Hudaidah, coming back today. Here, we do the cooking but since my roommates are not here I had to do the cooking alone and so, I cooked Chicken Curry. It was quite ok, since its my first time cooking curry. hahaha..

I just finished skyping with my mum and sisters.. And its already almost maghrib so I've got to go now..


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