Thursday, September 18, 2008

Salam. It's been a long time since I've updated, I don't have internet at home so I have to go to the cc to use internet.

Here's on of the pics at my mum's wedding (this is the only I have for now).
That's him and my mum..and then there's my sisters and I.


Anonymous said...

for an instant i thought u were the one who got married =P when i first saw the pic


P.S:- bl nk ajak ana pi CC lg?

illusionist said...

awwww oh you're the only guy eh? kecian.. hahaha bt the pic. looks nice n your mom looks boootiful mashAllah

i wanna see more pics!

Ahmad said...

will post up later when it is all really2 ready.

yes..m d only mum has 2 younger sis bt only 1 married n she's got 4 DAUGHTERS (even my mum x hv ny brothers)!! so my grand mother has 8 GRANDDAUGHTER BUT ONLY 1 GRANDSON..THE 1 N ONLY..HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

sibaik cuma 1 je laki...Musa pon dah nyusahkan...kalo ada byk sure pening kpala his Grandmother hehhehe >:)