Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maulidur Rasul

‎1) why is maulidur Rasul not an ibadah when what you are doing is only selawat/having islamic talks???

2) if u say it is bid'ah and not ibadah, then to celebrate ur children's birthday is bid'ah as well & u say u follow Q & S, well is celebrating ur child's birthday stated in the Quran nor a Sunnah (done by Rasulullah)??

3) even so, bid'ah has two types. hasanah (good - does not oppose Q & S) and sayi'ah (bad - opposes Q & A). in anyway does Maulidur Rasul opposes Q & S? it depends on how u do it actually.

"And we ordained in the hearts of those who followed him Compassion and Mercy. But the Monasticism which they innovated for themselves which we did not prescribe for them"

Surah Al Hadeed, verse 27"

This verse points out that when something new is invented to please Allah Ta'ala then it is permissible, and Allah Ta'ala gives reward for it. Those who do not fulfil the requirements then Allah Ta'ala will not reward them.

Rasulullah [May Allah bless Him and grant Him peace] stated: "The person who introduced a good thing in Islam, shall obtain the reward for it and also the reward for those who adopt it. As for the one who introduces a bad thing (Bid'ah Sayyi ah) he will obtain the punishment for introducing it and also for those who adopt it, will also be punished."

(Sahih Muslim in Kitaab-uz-Zakaat Tirmidhee chapter Eleleven).

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The Entrepreneur said...


From what I understand about Maulid Arrasul, it is a bid'ah because neither the Prophet PBUH did it nor his companions, if it was a good deed they would surely have beaten us to it.

Secondly, in Islam for a good deed to be accepted, it must fulifill two conditions. You must have the correct intention and it must be in accordance with what the Prophet PBUH did. Having a good intention is not good enough, since the Prophet PBUH did not celebrate his birthday or anyone's we cannot.

Thirdly, the Prophet PBUH said "Who innovates in this religion what is not from it then it is rejected". Which makes it clear that celebrating his birthday PBUH or anyone else's is not permissible in Islam.

Fourthly, we all love the Prophet PBUH and we believe it to be part of our religion. We show our love by following his commands and refraining from what he commanded us not to do. As we know if you love someone you obey them. Therefore by celebrating his birthday PBUH you are disobeying his orders, which is not exactly how you would usually show your love for someone.

Fifthly, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala says in the Qur'an "((Today I have completed your religion for you..))". So by celebrating the Prophet PBUH's BD you're actually saying No, this religion's not complete, since you're introducing into it something new.

Lastly, and apologies for the length of this comment, that last hadith refers to reviving the Prophet PBUH's sunnah's as far as I know, and not introducing into Islam what is not from it.

May Allah guide us all to his right path, WAllahu A'lam.