Friday, October 3, 2008

Ice Skating

I know I haven't updated for quite a long time.. Well I'll just tell of what happened for this year's raya..

Every raya has been quite the same excet for the past 2 years..but today, we went for Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid. Only my sisters and I skate, my mum went to watch a movie.

So, we arrived at Sunway Pyramid at 10am as my sisters wanted to skate the whole day, they have gone skating for quite a number of times already but this was only my SEcond time. So by the time we started to skate and all was 10.30am.

At first we were all holding the sides but not for long for three of my sisters as they are kind of used to it..but it took me and my youngest sister to get used to it and not holding the sides. And once I started to really skate I fell down quite a number of times. LOL. Well, what do you expect? It was only my second time and my first time was like long ago and just a short one. And next time Ishall remember to bring an etra pair of clothes!! As the rink was quite wet! and you wil be soaked even by having a "great" fall once.

Eventually after an hour or so I became used to it and was getting better. But the rink was just sooo full!!! That made it even harder to skate too. Then at around 12.30pm they had to resurface the ice and we had our lunch (bungkus food from home..hehe) and then I went for Friday prayers and came back to skate again.

And we skated till 6pm - there was half an hour break after every one hour and a half for them to resurface the rink.. We had a lot of fun.. "Racing" with my sisters, making them fall (which sometimes I end up falling down too/only me falling down), falling down yourself and watching other people fall.. hahahaha

I just don't get on how to break so there are a number of times where I almost crash into someone..And I did crash into some pople but it was quite their fault for coming out of nowhere, 2 person only actually. The first one had a bad fall (at first he was already stable but he suddenly fell=s) and the second one managed to not fall.

That is all from having a day of skating. =)


Anonymous said...

=3 ice skating kt sunway pyramid??? dekat ngan Taylors tuh! jom musa gi ngan ana nk nanti??? xD hehehe


Nurul said...

sounded like you had bucket loads of fun!!

Anonymous said...

yeah..we really did =)

ana tatau ah dkt dgn taylor's ke sbb anta ada kat taylors ana tak nak msk ah.