Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It looks like I maybe going back to yemen soon..but looking to see about my NS and my pilot "things"..
Also the plan of moving to Yemen maybe sooner than later. The original plan is to go in 2 years, but now maybe by mid/end of next year - see how things goes. So if I'm going back to Yemen this month or so then maybe I won't come back too.. No2, I will come back to do my pilot studies here..

My mum's wedding pics still not ready yet.. Still doing some adjustments with the pictures. When it is ready then maybe I'll put up some or just make a slideshow of it because its too many..


nurul said...

Aww....Going back to Yemen so soon??

I'll be coming to KL soon...FOR 2 AND A HALF YEARS!!!

To study lor and then you go..apadah

But hope everything turns out alright for you man!

Anonymous said...

but looking abt ns n pilot first..
if able to apply now n get immediate interview etc dn will stay..
n wil stay bcs of ns - depends also.

Anonymous said...

elok la tuh...cpt sket abihkan quran tuh =/ hehehh