Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grrr... (Be patient..calm down..)


Last night I almost had a fight with my brother, twice!! He does not bathe regularly, perhaps that's how when he was in Yemen. (our) room is getting smellier.. This now he came into the room, switched on the fan and "baring" on the bed.. Then I switched off the fan and called asked him to follow me out of the room to do something. (H=him, M=me)

H: "OK, but switch on the fan."

M:"No need, we're going out of the room."


M:"Because no one will be in the room (and the electric bill crap)." This went on a few times..

Then he came and switched on the fan and I wanted to switch it off again when he suddenly blocked my path and pushed me.. At that time I was already about to punch him!!
(I dont' really remember me in
He said to let the fan on, he don't like the smell of the room. It was HIS smell!! He's fault for not bathing.. Even so, he should let the door and window open, no use switching on the fan.. And he does not like to let the window open and always closes it when he see that its open..
That was the first time..

And my sisters saw the "fight" and they said they'll close it when he gets out from the room.. Which he saw my sisters went in and switched it off.
Then the argument started again.. And suddenly (couldn't really remember) he was like twisting one of my fingers.. This time I was about to give him a "double punch"!! huh.. I didn't do it of course. huh.. that's all...

And he's really a persistent and strong-headed person.. Gr..

This morning after jogging (bringing him jogging in the mornings, he has to do some sports in the mornings.. But he's jogging is sooo not jogging, I'd say its more to walking..)
OK, so after he went for his jogging (he went off alone today and I don't think he walked much) he came home, had a Bath and wore back his pajamas and slept.
Of course, when my mum found out she immediately went into my room and told him to wake up which he REFUSED!!! And said my mum is crazy after she went out of the room, my mum went out for meetings..
And he continued sleeping.. Because of the "great" smell (it was really smelly, I slept in the living room last night, also because of the incident that occurred) in the room my mum asked me to clean up the room, send his blanket and bed sheet to wash and just do it as though he isn't there.. So, even though he was sleeping I just did all that, vacuum the room, take out his bed sheet and all..hahaha.. He was really shocked..

Well...that's all... (he has a bit of psychological prob..yeah..that's it)



Nurul said...

angry musa

Munirah said...

Musa,dis is your yemeni brother youre talking about is it?Yemenis are hard if u want to win just be as hard headed as he is..dont me!

Ahmad Musa said...

i he's a bit diff.. a bit extra.. well..he's used to ppl following wat he say, and dat was his its hard 4 him 2 change..

Ahmad Musa said...

he did kick me once alrdy n yday almst anodr fight..hahahaha

its kinda nice to hv a bro..u cn js hit him (n since he's still new n we r d 1 doing all dis 2 him so dat he can change) bt nt girls>_< hehe

Munirah said...

yemenis ni kena ajar sikit..hehe..yea in yemen men are the kings.Its a patriarchal show him what youve got! haha..hentam jer..sembur minyak atar on his clothes..when he asks you why then just say that u want him to be wangi.haha..kejam nye..if everything fails then u sabar je lah..hopefully god gives him some light..sometimes if kita lembut ngan diorang then diorang dengar it really depends on what kind of yemeni he is..