Friday, November 28, 2008


I've been wondering...

Trees provide oxygen right??? So, less = trees = more polution & less fresh air/oxygen...


What about in the deserts?? Or places that doesn't have lots of trees (like Yemen).. What's their source of oxygen??! And their air is quite nice..

hmmm... Anyone?? . . . .


Nurul said...

One of Allah's greatest wonders...........don't you think??
It's a miracle
One that doesn't need science to explain it.

Anonymous said...

yeah..but i'd love to know the answer.. :)
it's something really interesting..

Anonymous said...

cari dkt wikipedia.tkpn dkt readers digest pnyer dictionary..ok gak dictionary diorng..
klau nk senang giler,u tnyer kawan u yg tau bnyk bende tu,yg genius tu,alfie ke ape tah name die..




Ahmad Musa said...

kawan yang nama alfie tu ke?? dia tu tak blh harap langsung.. 1 sen pn x blh..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

jgn ckp cmtu..
die tu lgi power dri doktor2 PhD..
bola die teror,blajar genius,awek tkyah ckp la,keliling pinggang..

hahaha damn!

Anonymous said...

this is a very laate answer

lemme ask u one thing - who wud like to drive a car across a desert???????

hopefully that sentence itself can answer ur douuubts =)


Anonymous said...

ok XXI..if nt dessert dn wat about places like yemen?????

Anonymous said...

Yemen ade keta ke??? ana br tau o.O hahah

Yemen tk byk bgunan2 yg contribute to air pllution aaa...cb bndgkan ngan KL...asap merata2... =(