Monday, December 1, 2008

An Alll-Out day

Salam.. This is about yesterday.

So, at 8am my dad came to pick us up (FINALLY after tons of emails, he said he'd take us out..he "disappeared" for a few months, no way to contact him).. We went for breakfast then immediately went to Sunway Pyramid to go Ice Skating (yes..again XD).. Huhuhu, I've gotten better XP.

At around 2pm we went for lunch and Zuhr prayer. Later at 3.20 we went to watch Madagascar 2. It was kinda good but not so good. The movie finished at around 5pm and we went to pray Asr.
Then we went for a walk at Kiara Park, Taman Tun Doc Ismail (TTDI). And then dinner..

On the way home Saddiq sent me an sms asking me to go watch Arsenal vs Chelsea @ 11.30pm!
My mum ALLOWED me to go.. At 11.50pm Saddiq and Afiq came to pick me up from my house, go pick up beck and Halim and went to a restaurant near Afiq's house to watch the match, Faris came with some of his friends to join us too.

The match ended at 2am. (Chelsea lost...huh...)
Then we went for a stroll at uptown.. And I reached home at around 3am.. hehe..

Basically that's all..

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