Thursday, August 13, 2009


My step-dad is also working at an orphan center in yemen. Last year they orgainzed the first universal orphan forum, also known as muntada in Arabic. This year is the second time they are holding it.

The programs are quite much the same as last year but there were more guests this year, so much more than last year!! But this time I’m not going to tell about the whole program, just some. Only the things that are different this year.

This year the number of bride and groom is 2000! Last year was js around 1000 and this time there was a wedding party. It was held at 22 May Hall, at around 10am we went to the hall. From 10.30am till 12.30pm was just songs and there was also a stage play. After that we had lunch (I’d never miss the lunch with them for anything!!! lol) and went back to the hotel immediately. After Asr we went again because in Yemen, wedding is one WHOLE NIGHT!! Of course we did not stay the whole night. At around 9pm we went back to the hotel.

Ok, now I am getting to the topic.

My dad usually goes to his village during the weekends, so on Friday at 11am all of us (including the guests) went to his village. Upon arrival we prayed then had lunch and went to his farm. Sat on the ground and enjoyed the pomegrenates, grapes and peaches to our hearts content.

Then the next agenda was SHOOTING (without muffler – u can go deaf! Once u fire a shot u can only hear NNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG for about 10-15minutes!!) I once read in an article that there are approximately 50 MILLIONS GUNS IN YEMEN! I’m not surprised, every person would have at least an ak-47/ handgun/any other gun. And just the other day I read that the police captured a group of 104 people (they kidnap foreifners,etc) and they had 6200 guns!!

Ok,back to the topic – so, the guests took turn taking shots (the target was a can of paint – empty). {Oh, did i mention?? We had police escort when we went.} To no avail, we rarely hit the target (I shot once – my second time then). After a while (i think that the police who escorted us was getting annoyed at how we rarely hit the target, so, he took out HIS AK-47, got in position and BOOM, he fired a shot and he DID hit the target! Well, it would be quite embarrassing if he didn’t.. haha


M. Ashworth. Esq. said...

God! guns in Yemen are like having a pair of shoes! and lucky you, I always wanted to try my hand at an automatic, especially the AK-47.

your aiming's terrible, huh? look at me. I'd sooner hit the policeman than hit the can :D

Ahmad Musa said... was my 2nd time, had only 1 shot and dozens of people looking... >_< and it wasn't that far from the target. but i think now i understand how to really aim