Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak

Salam. Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sister out there.

We were supposed to start one day earlier than Malaysia but since the crescent moon was not sighted it was moved to Saturday, it was the same for Saudi as well if I'm not mistaken. Only some Arab countries like Kuwait started fasting on Friday.

And ever since the first night of Ramadhan it has been pouring (raining) like crazy, almost like in Malaysia!

That's all for now. Once Ramadhan is finish (or once I get some facts clear) I'll post up the differences of Ramadhan between Yemen and Malaysia, will divide into a few parts.

p/s: i somehow did not post this the other day .. @.@


M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

Allah yibarik feek!
And yes, we started to fast on Saturday too.
I don't recognise many of the main dishes, they must be particular to Yemen. Cultural differences, you know.
Here we have mandi, madhbi, mathloothah, jareesh and qursaan. Do you know any of them?

By the way, you don't seem to have a particularly Malaysian diet :D

Ahmad Musa said...

lol.. I eat anything (except for kibdah)!! As long as its delicious and I will be full then its fine with me..ahaha
Besides, the food here is quite nice too, and it is healthier than malaysian food.

No, i don't know any of that.. (yknw, mandi means bath in malay language ... *wondering what kind of food it is* hmmmmm ;)

M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

Yup, I know that mandi means that in Malay! its actually meat and rice.

I too eat anything (especially kibdah!) since my dad is British, my mum is Malay, and I've grown up in Saudi...so I eat all sorts of food :D

Ahmad Musa said...

i don't know why, I just can't seem to even put it in my mouth!!

ooo...that is what nasi mandi means... i'm not sure what rice and meat is called here.