Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Iman University

As you have been told, I will be entering Iman University for a few years and then return back to Malaysia for my pilots studies. . . .

On the 23rd December, my step-father took me to enroll me at Iman University. I had to go with him as it will be very hard if I were to go on myown especially since my secondary certificate is at Malaysia and I still don't have a visa here, having him everything went smoothly, or so I thought, thought too soon I had. They asked me to come again tomorrow morning for the registration etc.

So, the next morning I went with the thought - all is done, just the exam - but was proven wrong!! I was dragged here and there, and finally they asked me to get 4 copies of passport sized pictures, bloof test result and guarantee letter of when I will be able to give them my visa and secondary certificate.

On Saturday, 26th December I got my acceptance letter, next up is the exam to determine whether I can enter first year directly or not. Since the office was closed I had to go on Sunday.
Finally, on Wednesday
I had an interview only (since I missed the exam) and was told to enter Level 2 of Arabic Section.

Classes have been on for almost two weeks now, timetable is out and classes are starting to get serious. I have two months to prepare for another exam, an exam which will allow me to move up to level 3 or level 4, depending on my results though. No worries, "kacang jer nih" . . . hehe. Classes are quite boring as I have learned most of it.. Well, might be requesting to move to level 3, may not. huh.

Got to go.. Till next time =)

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