Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yemen Winter 2009

Salam dear readers. Now that I have internet access at home I'll be able to post all of my drafts, starting with this one.

As october/november came it was time for summer to move on and for winter to arrive. However, this year the winter has been quite warm for the first few months. Everyone was like, "this year's winter is not as cold as the previous years..." As the months went by the end of winter was getting nearer.. .. .. And suddenly, the weather became very very cold during the last few weeks of winter season (mid-december - 1st week of January), so cold that even in provinces such as Hadramaut etc that are not usually cold during the winter season are cold, water in the wells frozen and reports of snowing in Sana'a.

It was quite unbearable, especially for my mum and sisters who had just moved here 3 months ago, sudden change in the weather and eventually, they fell ill. Not only the weather but also the prayer times which even I was not able to "adapt" for the first month... - During the winter, fajr at around 4.40am-5.05am, zuhr at around 11.50am-12.10pm, ‘asr at around 2.50pm-3.05pm, maghrib at around 5.35pm-5.45pm, isya’ at around 6.35pm-6.45pm.

Another post by tomorrow..

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