Saturday, February 14, 2009


Salam.. Long time no post.. I don't really know what to write, that's why..
(this is a post dedicated to my friend Zikry El-Yemeni)

I've been here for about a month I guess.

Aside from doing my Tahfiz I am also helping my mum with her work here. My step-dad has his own hospital called CPLAS for I.V.F, plastic surgery (and anything related to make yourself beautiful). Right now, he's building a new 10-storey building next to the current hospital building. And on the toppest floor will be OUR apartment (There'll be a pool, jacuzzi, sauna at LG level!! HEHEHE!!). Insha Allah my mum and sisters will be moving here as soon as possible :) (but I will be going back to Malaysia to continue my studies once I finished my Tahfiz here =s)

However, the old engineer build the new building in a messy way and the new engineer designs are not that nice and are not suitable for a hospitals (he changed the enginner in the middle of the process I guess). So, my mum is working with an engineer in Malaysia to improvise the new building. My job is to take pictures of some parts of the building which the engineer in Malaysia need, get the building plan, plumbing and electric plan and send it to my mum through email.

It is kinda frustrating working with them.. Things not ready eventhough I gave a few days of notice.

And once again I am teaching english here, but this time to a Yemeni and it's more to correcting his pronounciation. His name is Amin. And he has a problem with my extra finger! He always talk of cutting it! Saying that it would be better if I had only 5.. huh.. If I wanted to then I would have done it a long time ago.. BUT I DON'T WANT TO!! and he keeps repeating it every time our class ends and every time we meet.. huh.>_<. He says people usually cut it and I'd say it's up to them but I don't want + I know some people who has extra finger/fingers but keeps it.. We have the same argument everyday, everytime..

And he talks of cutting it as though it's so easy.. He'll buy a knife, tranquilizer, bandage, (rope - to tie me up so that I can't run away), oil (????), (the thing that doctors use to do injections..what is it called??)..
1st - inject me, put oil around the place that he's going to cut..
2nd - cut it (he makes it sound as though he's gonna cut/slice vegetables/'s not like there's no bone in my extra finger!)
3- bandage the part that was cut..
4- bury it..

Whatever it is, I'm not going to cut it!!!

wOw..quite a long one..
Will try to post more in the near future..


::phoenixnoir:: said...

it's called a syringe doc
and amin is so idiotic...reminds you of some OTHER amin, don't you think??
word verification this time is:
how weird

zikry melayu said...

zikry ape?el yemeni..haha..aku melayu la mat..bla ko nk tuka template mat??tulis melayu pulak tau..:)

Ahmad Musa said...

: NUNU - hahaha..yeah..SYRINGE!! THANKS!!
yeah..sure do.. I hope I won't have any friemds whose name is Amin in the future!!! hahaha

y do u pt d word verification??

: zikry - k ah..aku cuba ah tulis 1 post dlm aku pya bm kekok ah..