Friday, June 19, 2009

Mum's "visit" - Day 1-3.

I did not know that my mum was coming until the day she was going to come. From KLIA, she sms me to buy for her niqab. And told me to remind my dad that she will arrive on Friday morning at 9am.

Day 1, Friday 19/06:

At around 9am AZ came to pick me up to go the airport. After waiting for about 1 hour we finally my mum finally came out with the bags and went to the hotel. We are staying at L'azurde Suites Hotel which is located at Haddah Funduq area. Our room is like an apartment, there are 2 rooms, a kitchen (equipped with cooking wares, fridge, stove and oven), toilet, living room and a dining hall.

When we arrived at the hotel I immediately took the laptop..then we unpacked some things. This time my mum could only bring 4 bottles of 100PLUS and an electric kettle. She also brought some things like tomato past, spaghetti to cook for me.

Guess what??

There's tomat paste inside it! lolx =D

After Friday prayers we went to U.O's house. After having lunch we played ping-pong and a bit of snooker together and headed back to the hotel at 6pm.
The rest of the day was nothing much.

Day 2, Saturday 20/06:

We did not do much, my mum was still in jet-lag mode. Besides, she was unable to sleep in the plane and the flight was really long + 9 hours of transit at Dubai.

Day 3, Sunday 21/06:

At 11am we went to one of my dad's hospital, CPLAS Hospital because my mum has some work there, just a short meeting with one of the staff. After that we went to my dad's house for lunch.

The rest of the day was only spent in the hotel.

* 2 out of the 4 bottles of 100 plus that my mum brought for me is finished... @.@

U.O - uncle Othman, my guardian.
U.H - uncle Hameed, my dad.
A.Z - Asem Ziyad, my step-brother.
keep up with it..will be using it more and more in the future =p


Muhammad...Ashworth said...


Nice post Ahmad. just wondering, u don't look fully Malaysian.If I may venture to ask, do u have any Arabic blood in u?

If u do, welcome home.

Ahmad Musa said...

lolx..yes i do.. my grandparents (mum's side) are from India, when my mum tried to find out our roots she found that my great2 grandparents are from yemen, some say the ones in Yemen migrated from Madinah.. something like that..

do u have facebook?

Muhammad...Ashworth said...

Well no I don't have facebook, i think it's just a big waste of time :), but if u read the history of my mum's side on my blog side bar, we probably have very similar stories. My mum is singaporean but also originally from yemen. I know my mum's family 'al-jiffri' are considered 'ashraaf' in yemen and so are from the prophet SAWS's lineage and from madina obviously.

Ahmad Musa said...

wats ur blog address??
unfortunately we lost our family name..

Muhammad...Ashworth said...

oh, u can just click on my name above and u will see my profile, go to 'the medieval lord'... or just punch in