Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mum's "visit" - Day 4 & 5

Salam. My story of my mum's visit shall be continued.

Day 4, 22nd of June 2009:

It was only today that my mum started to do some serious work. So, at 7am she went to CPLAS Hospital (I did not go with her), she was there for quite a long time. For lunch I went to my dad's house as usual, only when I came back from lunch my mum was already at the hotel.

Later in the evening at around 5pm we planned to cook. So, I went to buy some groceries and ingredients that were needed at Jandool Super Market and cooked together. I just did more of the chopping and cleaning up. By maghrib we finished cooking, had dinner. It was quite nice, not bad since it was my mum's first time trying to cook using Yemeni recipes.

Then my dad came around 9pm or so and he brought with him Balas, it is from his farm back at his village at Alhaddah. Then I showed it to my mum this fruit, when she saw it she said it is Tin - I did not know it is Tin, I only knew it as Balas. After that I asked my dad, " Is this Tin?? Not Balas??" he said, " Yes. It is Tin but here we also call it Balas."

Doesn't it look like a mini pomegrenate?? lol ;)

Balas a.k.a TIN (FIG)

~That was all for that day~

Day 5, 23rd of June 2009:

Today I went to CPLAS Hospital with my mum. When we reached she asked for me to have an appointment with the dentist to "patch"/filling (or whatever u call it) my tooth that was broken in half ( was playing "floor skiing" with some friends, somehow I slipped, fell head first - quite a long time ago...) but the dentist did not do it, she only had time to do scaling. Insha Allah tomorrow or soon will do the filling.

Since my mum was invited for lunch at someone's house (and it was an all-girl event) so, I went with my dad. Unfortunately, he did not go home, he went to his friends house, we had lunch there and he went to another friend's house. After waiting for quite a while he told his driver to send me back.

At 6pm I went for a hair cut at a salon - 1st time go salon . . . it cost 1000riyal = rm20. But it was surely WORTH IT!!! A month ago I went for a hair cut at a normal barber - I truly regret it, they really DON'T KNOW HOW TO CUT HAIR!! My hair was kind of ruined, really messy, some hair was cut too much, some not,etc33..(last year I did not cut my hair at all, only when my mum was going to come {which was alrdy after 4months} I went for a hair cut, not at a barber but with a friend - he used to work as a barber before). Now my hair is how it is supposed to be/how it was before I had that hair cut 1 month ago.

Now it is already 9.25pm, doing some work for my mum, then going to play game for a while and watch some tv and then go to sleep.

Good Night.

~That is all for today~

Below are some pictures of what I usually eat at my dad's house:

not sure what this is called - it's chicken - XTREMELY DELICIOUS!!

This is the rice. Sometimes the color is different, even the taste. Sometimes the chicken/meat is cooked TOGETHER with the rice. Sometimes we get A WHOLE CHICKEN!
The one in the bowl behind it is Shufuud (don't know the spelling). Basically, its just bread + yoghurt + some salad, cucumber, carrots.

Now.. This is Hareesh. It is corn flour (blend it then boil it with water and mix it with sup when u are going to eat it)
There is also a another type of this food, it is called Aseed. The difference is that they use "tepung gandum" instead of corn flour.
Whatever it is, BOTH ARE DELICIOUS!! Especially when u eat with that thing in the small bowl beside it!!
Of course when I ate Aseed/Hareesh for the first few times I totally DID NOT like it..but now I am used to it so, it is really nice.

There are also other food like sup, Hilba, Saltah, ETC99..

Ma'assalaamah. Bye bye. That is all for now. Hope u enjoy it.

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