Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A visit to the Dentist..


I did not have time to write what happened and have forgotten >_<'' most of it. Just a summary. Basically I was to accompany here wherever she goes and she has meetings from 7am until around 1pm, then we go back to the hotel. From 1pm until Asr is mainly resting.. After that it's either meeting again or going to visit my guardian's house or more rest.

Finally bought a new shoe. We went to CityMax.

Also, while my mum were having the meetings I went to the dentist at my dad's hospital. First we did scaling, then filling and polishing. I cannot use my front teeth to chew hard type of foods like apple, etc because it might fall, I have to use the sides. At first, the feeling of having this "new teeth" was very, the extremely weird and it was a really a pain during eating time as I had to be careful with my "new teeth" and just using the sides made my gums (or whatever it is) sore I guess.
Now I have gotten quite used to it.


After - now I can really smile.. lol ;)

~just to make this short post a bit longer, I shall tell the story of how tooth broke~
One day while my friends and I were playing at the playground it started to rain. Instead of going home we all decided to hangout at the "dewan". There, we decided to play "floor skating" - there were leakage so the floor was wet and slippery . . . As we were "floor skating" I somehow "slipped", lost balance and fell - head first!
At first I was just feeling numb especially at my mouth. When I went home and looked into the mirror, I discovered that my tooth had broken. I immediately went to the "dewan" to look for my broken tooth - which I found it.
This happened about 7-9 years ago, not sure..

Going to send my mum to the airport in a few minutes. . .
That is all for today. Till next time.


Anonymous said...

nice shoe :D gigi pun da cntik :D

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from nana