Monday, July 6, 2009

Not again!! ='(

Just about two days ago I went to Sana'a Trade Center to fix my watch, the chain was "disconnected" (what's the correct word??). That was the first time I went to fix my watch, before it was at a different place and it did not even LAST A NIGHT and I had to pay. This time even though it was free but the place was very far. Taxi alone costs us around YR750.. huh..

Should have send it with my mum so that it could get fix at Malaysia.. I really hate not wearing watch because I would loose the sense of time. Anyway, I will try to go fix it again at the same place and see how it goes. If it still gets "disconnected" again then I will send it to be fixed at Malaysia.

mo pic cos I'm afraid if my hp get virus..virus in Yemen is just too much...


Muhammad...Ashworth said...

I think you mean the strap was broken! :)

Ahmad Musa said...

forgot the word. ^.^''