Friday, July 17, 2009

Football in Yemen

Salam. ( Football as in Soccer.)

As usual, on Friday mornings I go to play football with the Malaysians here. Playing football in Yemen is very different from playing in Malaysia. Here are a few points:

Firstly, you play on sand. It is quite tough to play on sand. Sometimes it's slippery, whether you are dribbling the ball or tackling an opponent. But the time that I hate the most for it to happen is when I am "accelerating" (suddenly moving to another side) while tackling an opponent.
Secondly, Yemen's altitude level is a few thousand feet above sea level. So, the oxygen level is lower than in Malaysia - which I have gotten used to by now.
Thirdly, at some parts of the field the sand quantity and level are different which makes it hard to do anything. Most people end up falling down, whether they are dribbling the ball or tackling an opponent.

Today's football wasn't like the normal Friday Football, because it was like The Pro VS The Amateur (I mean the pro team are consisted of mostly the best players here and the amateur only have a few, of which I am one of them). Being the great defender I always am I decided to join The Amateurs (mostly because I wanted to go against The Pro, to be specific against one player - Hamid, I'd say the best striker here. Possesses extremely good skills and is not selfish)

The outcome of the game wasn't as expected for most people - The Amateurs WON!! 6 by 3. (OF COURSE I EXPECTED TO WIN - I WANTED TO..Of course I had to "work hard"). huhu. No, I did not score or assist. If it was Futsal then yes, I might have.
Unfortunately, the game ended in a ugly way. There was a fight between us, 1 guy from The Amateur team and the other 1 from The Pro team.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After football~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*different story...

U.O's son is having summer camp. Out of curiosity, I asked him things like:
1. How is the camp here?
2. What are the activities?
3. Where do they sleep?

After a while, he called. He said that he will be going to visit his son later and would like me to come along. . . . .

*after 30 minutes or so*

He called again. This time he said that he took permission for me to join the camp. And since my mum agreed to it I have decided to join it.
Insha Allah after Asr he will come to pick me up and bring me to the camp site. hehe.. It's been a long time since I've went camping but I'm not really expecting the kind of camps I am used to. Besides, they don't have a forest here.

Once I get back from the camp I will post about the camp. It will be until Tuesday. And my mum will arrive on Tuesday, I guess. So, I don't know when is the next time I'll be posting.

Well then. That is all for today. Until next time.
Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my post. Feel free to comment on anything, be it my grammar or spelling or about my post.. =)

U.O- my guardian.

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