Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Camp


OK. So at around 5pm U.O came to pick me up to take me to the camp. The camp was held at An-Nahdah School.

The First Night:

There was nothing much. After Maghrib there was a lecture, then after Isya' we had dinner. And then there was a wedding party, the school's cook got married. After that was just sleeping time.

The next day:

We woke up at 3.30am for Tahajjud prayers. After Fajr prayers there was a bit of sleeping time then we had morning assembly (It's been years since I had one!haha *reminiscing). And then there was sports activities, competition between groups.

In the morning was our football match - we lost, the team S@#$%D!! It was a DISASTER!! After football we had breakfast. Then MO and some of his friends wanted to attend a funeral (which will be in a new post) of his teacher's father. We were supposed to be out for one and a half hour but were out for 5hours!! haha

After 'Asr was competitions again - Volleyball (it's been two years since I last played) which we lost also.. Then maghrib and tazkirah, Isya', dinner.

~~Ok. That's all. Now are my opinions about the camp~~

  1. It wasn't as I had expected. It is held in a SCHOOL! ??? i thought it's allright, maybe they don't have a place that has camping facilities.. then
  2. The programs are not good. What kind of camp has classes in it??! And it's not just one hour, it's from around 10am-12pm!
  3. The participants don't choose whether they want to join the program or not! The camp managements should properly arrange activities and MOST IMPORTANTLY IS THAT THEY SHOULDN'T TAKE EXTRA MONEY! e.g: they asked the students who wants to go swimming and if you want you have to pay for it.
  4. The students should be pre-occupied with the activities at all times! I don't remember having any free time during camps. e.g: during the competition, only some teams play. when the teams have finished their game/teams that are not having games for the day they HAVE NOTHING TO DO.
  5. Eventhough they have no forest and such but they have mountains! I had expected that they would have activities like rock climbinh, hiking.

Lastly, I would like to have your comments on how usually summer camps (for those who have been to one before). Wherever you are from, please drop by a comment. Thank You


Vanadise said...

we had camp in school too but it doesnt suck like this and they took extra money. what the hell? well next time u join a camp, do ur assignment on it. ask as much question as you can :P

Anonymous said...

anta buat program sndiri je laa..