Sunday, July 19, 2009

Funeral in Yemen

(of course Yemeni Graveyards does not look like this)

Salam. It was the first time for me attending a funeral in Yemen. The procedures are quite different than in Malaysia.

In yemen, the funeral process is quite different than in malasia. When u arrive at the graveyard u go past his grave and while at it you put sand on his grave (they do not cover the grave totally – the visitors will play a part in it by their scooping sands onto the grave by their hands), then u will go under a gazebo and shake hands with the family members of the dead. And also, there is the giving money session – it was really crazy ok! The kids who were waiting to get the money were FIGHTING!! AT THE GRAVEYARD!!

Besides the funeral process, even their grave yards are different - unorganized, some graves are not like graves and are on the same level with the earth. And tombstones are not taken care of - I don't think they even visit their dead family members!!

That was all..

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