Saturday, September 19, 2009

I tought I had lost it

... no, not my mind but my thumbdrive! At around 2.55pm today, I went to the cybercafe to chat with my sisters and mum and left around 4.55pm and had LEFT my thumb drive at the computer. (I didn't even realize as I was in a hurry to get ready and go to my step-dad's house for Iftar.

Then I came back and was looking for my thumb drive as it was not on the table (where I usually put it) and started looking for it, frantically, but to no avail. As I was trying to remember where I placed it last, it came to me that I left it at the cybercafe!! *panicking..thinking: "damn!! its lost" but still hoping that it will still be there**

I straight away got changed and went down to the cybercafe. I tought I had lost it.. Then I saw it!! hahaha... *I forgot that I changed PC**

huhuh... Alhamdulillah nobody took it, perhaps no one saw it, if someone did they would have took it OR perhaps because it is in Ramadhan so, they don't feel like taking it..haha.. Anyways, I am really glad that it is not lost!!.. (I left it for around 3-4hours)


MaALa said...

if kat U kak mala,kalo dh tertggal tu mmg tade la.cume ada sekali tu kak mala tertggal but i dont realize it until one of my classmate bg bnde tu blk,saying that he found it 2 days ago.hohoho..tu mmg kire ada rezeki lg la.yg lagi lawak, kak mala tak sedar gak tertggal, pastu bile dtg esoknye, kak mala duduk PC yg satu row ngan PC smlm kn.pastu i saw this one pendrive that just like mine.I was like:macam aku punya.then I checked the pendrive,looking for the owner was
the last time i lost it,20 mins je die nye time interval btwn the time kak mala left it and the time kak mala realized.but it's gone already.huhu.

Ahmad Musa said... bkn kali pertama tingal usb..Alhamdulillah stakat nih walaupon tertingal slalu je slamat..