Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ramadhan 2009 in Yemen - Part 2 (Terawih)


Previously, in part 1 I have shared with you about having iftar here. Today, for part 2 I shall write about the differences of Terawih prayers between Yemen and Malaysia.

In Malaysia:
  1. We would be at the mosque for Terawih on time.
  2. We don't usually leave until we have prayed at least 8 rakaat of Terawih.
  3. There is moreh (supper) after Terawih. - the most important part .. lol
In Yemen:
  1. Most of the mosques do only 8 rakaats of Terawih, not many mosques that does it up to 20 rakaat because there is not many who are willing to do it until 20 at that time as they are all too eager to get their Qat into their mouth. =.=''
  2. There is NO MOREH (supper) - THE MOST IMPORTANT "PART" OF TERAWIH!!! (for
  3. After every 4 rakaat there will be a short tazkirah or quiz session.
  4. We finish Terawih prayers at around 8.40pm
Qat, also known as khat. Since they can't chew Qat during the day so they are in a hurry to chew it right after Terawih. Some even chew it till it's time for Sahoor.

That is all for today. Next up will be Ramdhan in Yemen - Part 3 (lifestyle during Ramadhan).


M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

Sorry for the inquisitiveness, but do you chew Qat?

Ahmad Musa said...

nevermind .. but No! NEVER IN THE WORLD WILL I CHEW THAT THING! I even hate the smell of it, it is quite, not smelly .. even worse than that that I can't even describe it! Besides, Qat is a dangerous thing.

Do you have Qat in Saudi? Have u tried it before?

M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

NO thank God! we don't have it and I've never tried it.
But yes, Yemenies in Saudi always get made fun off because of Qat.
And yes, I know it's dangerous, it has numbing qualities like alcohol, drugs...etc.

Ahmad Musa said...

really? they make fun of yemenies because of Qat?

Anonymous said...

wow.. takde moreh? tak bestnye.. and can u really just pray 4 rakaat of terawih? i mean, its not err afdhal iznt it?? i dont know.

Ahmad Musa said...

i don't know ... by the time we finish 4 rakaat, half of the mosque is empty, like how it is when we finish 8 rakaat.. maybe they finish till 8 later or what i don't know.. what i know is that they just want to get it over with and go chew the Qat.

Anonymous said...

ahahah.. i thot ppl there would diligently pray sampai 20rakaat.. but i stand corrected.

iyye.. Qat sounds disgusting. it sounds like it can be equated to smoking, can it?

Ahmad Musa said...

honestly, i thought so too!! as their way of life is quite islamic..but they wnt b able to chew qat from after fajr so they try to have it asap cos on normal days, they'd chew it from after lunch until night or the fajr for some, really..

it's not like chewing gum, they chew it, then keep it on one side of the cheek, store it until (god knows when), u can see pics of people on chewing qat on google. it is especially disgusting those who store a lot of it - their cheek bcms "extra chubby"

haha..its worst than smoking! it damages the brain-can't think properly kinda thing,etc3 and like ashworth said, it has numbing qualities like alcohol, drugs...etc...

u can see A CLEAR difference of those who chew and those who doesn't!

u can check out some of these websites about it:

Anonymous said...

hahah. gross! okeydokey.