Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadhan 2009 in Yemen - Part 1 (Iftar)

Salam. In part 1 I shall write about the Iftar here.

Having Iftar at home.

The time for Iftar here is at 6.24pm Yemen time. So, for Iftar I would go to my step-dad's house, at around 5pm I would get ready to go to his house and by 6.10pm I would be able to reach his house if the traffic is not heavy, there was once when I arrived just on time for Iftar as the traffic were quite heavy as everyone is rushing home for Iftar - his house is quite far from my hostel.

In Yemen, the Iftar "style" is different from Malaysia. Here, we would have light foods such as samossa, dates, juices. Then we would go to the mosque and pray Maghrib. After our prayers we would immediately head home to have dinner.

Of course, dinner during Ramadhan is different from having dinner on other days.
For appetizers we have shufuud (in the pic below - in the bowl) and soup.

1st dishl: rice/macaroni

Main dish: aseed/hareesh, cheese macaroni, macaroni baked with milk and egg, and any kind of gravy to be eaten with bread.

last of all:
  • fruits - grapes/pomegrenate
  • pudding/jelly/cakes/custards
  • bint-sahn with honey
During Ramadhan the mosque is always full during Maghrib and Fajr prayers!!!

Iftar in mosques.

In Malaysia, mosques would serve Iftar so anyone can just come and have Iftar at the mosque. But in Yemen it's different. Instead of people having Iftar together at mosques, they have this "Project Iftar Jama'ee (jama'ee technically means congregational)", it is mainly concentrated on giving Iftar for the poor.

So, people would donate some money to the mosque and from that money, the mosque willuse it to cook food and send it directly to the houses of those who are faqeer (poor) in that particular area! Amazing isn't it?? In my opinion it IS a very good project. (Don't ask me how they know where the houses of those poor people are and how they know that they are really poor people or not - I DON'T KNOW the answer .. hehe.. They must have set some system though)

This is all written based on the info I was able to collect from some people.
re-edited on Wednesday, 2nd September 2009.

Next post : Ramadhan in Yemen part 2 - Terawih prayers/Lifestyle(still indecisive)

Thank you. That is all for now.


M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

In Saudi, they actually serve iftar and main meals in the mosque's outer house or in a tent. So the poor people just come (in hundreds sometimes) and have iftar at the mosque every day.

And I agree, it's heart-warming to see them feed so many people for free (our mosque is funded by a princess Allah yijzaaha kheir)

Ahmad Musa said...

ooo..same with Malaysia. But in Malaysia any people go and eats in the mosque,not only the poor.haha

ur princess? wow. In Malaysia the citizens fund for the food in the mosque for Iftar (only those are willing to do so).
who is ur king right now?

btw, do u know sheikh khalid sindi and sheikh jamaan zahrani?? yes, they are from saudi, not sure which part.

M. Ashworth, Esq. said...

Our King is King Abdullah, and the princess is Al-'Anood (king's wife's mother or something).

And no, i don't know those sheikhs you mentioned, I am quite particular about the scholars I follow and they tend to be the famous ones. (btw, i'm guessing from his family name that sheikh Zahrani comes from the north of saudi, near yemen)

Ahmad Musa said...

no, it's not that I am follow them or something. just asking.