Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Exams and Guests

Exams... I will be having exams next week and this week we are on holiday. It seems that the system in Yemen is that they will give holidays 1 week prior to the examination date to give time to the students to study. Eventhough I have this one whole week to study but I haven't been spending much time with my books, have been busy helping out my mum most of the day as she will be having guests on the day after tomorrow and we need the place all done, and as the night dawns upon us I feel quite exhausted and unable to concentrate to study... Hoping that everything will be done tomorrow, or at least the major works done by tomorrow, then I can study properly for the next few days. Working in Yemen is really a pain in the mind!! hahaha
In Iman University there are 4 levels in Arabic Section, currently, I am in level 3. So, if I pass the exams I will be able to go up to level 4 but that is not what I have in mind.. hehe. I would request to enter into 1st year directly, without having to go through level 4 - depending on my results that is. Well, even if it my results are not that good I will still request to enter 1st year directly as I no longer wish to stay in Arabic Section
My arabic have improved greatly in this 5 months span as I have been talking more and more Arabic, almost all the time except with my family and Malaysian co-workers in my mum's company X). Even my step-dad is conversing with me in Arabic full-time, before it was a mix of English Arabic.

After settling down my mum opened up a company, specializing in consultancy works and attracting investors into Yemen. The company name is Malaysia Yemen Co. Ltd. (INVESTMY in short). It is in partnership with Orphans Development Foundation (ODF), we are currently helping ODF in building an Orphan's Industrial City. But first, we have to develop in certain areas in Yemen before we are able to continue the project plans. The company also acts as a "middle man" for those who would like to establish any type of business in Yemen, we will be able to smooth up the legal processes and reduce the cost for those who are interested in opening up a business in Yemen.

Guests... On the 17th March 2010, there will be a Malaysia Yemen Festival held in Yemen, at Sana'a Expo Center (APOLLO). The events' purpose is to attract investors into Yemen, and the mission of my mum's company is just that. We wanted to organize the event but were too late. However, we are given the task of matching the businessmen in Yemen with the Malaysians businessmen who will be coming, if he/she (malaysian businessman/woman) would be interested in investing or opening a factory or any of that sort here, in Yemen.

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