Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haddah - Faj Attan

Haddah - Faj Attan, that is the name of our new residencial area. It is situated near to Haddah post office.

It is a 2-storey house (I guess you can say it's a bungalow, 3-storeys including the basement). Why did we move here? Well, our previous residencial area was in Al-Mataar (Airport). It was a dirty area and there were Qat markets just beside our apartment building and men staring at my mum and sisters like they have not seen a women before in their life (as they do not wear niqaab and are foreigners). Also because the Al-Mataar area is quite far from the city centre, my mum wants her office and the house to be in the same building, and most importantly, there is no INTERNET service in that area!!!

So, a few months ago Muassasah Al-Yateem finally found a "villa" (as they call it) that was available for rent in Haddah area - known to be as an exclusive area in Sana'a Yemen - and we immediately started re-packing and moved to this new house. It is a nice house with a quite clean neighbourhood with less blackouts.

The first floor will be my mother's company office, so will the basement too. Our house is on the second floor, 5 rooms altogether, 3 toilets, a kitchen and a living area. And now we have INTERNET at home too..hahaha. And with the internet at my disposal 24/7, downloading movies is what I do. hehe
Oh, we also have a guard who will be living with his family here, not in the house with us. His house will be in the house compund, beside the gate.

Finally, after this few months my mum's company has been set up here, just that the office is still not fully equipped, my mum and sisters have settled in this new environment for them and I . . .

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