Sunday, April 4, 2010

MYF 2010

Salam. Wanted to post this a few weeks ago but was busy with my exams..

What is MYF 2010? MYF stands for Malaysia Yemen Festival. It is the first ever Trade exhibition in Yemen, in collaboration with Malaysia (if I'm not mistaken). It was held at SANA'A EXPO CENTER (APOLLO) from the 17th March - 20th March 2010.

The purpose of this event was to persent new opportunities for Yemenis to invest in Malaysia and vice versa, also, to increase trade between Malaysia and Yemen.

There were about 40 companies that came to exhibit in Yemen. Among them were, Lim Kok Wing University, IIUM, Proton. By the way, Proton cars are now available in Yemen, they opened a branch here a few months ago.

In the picture below you will be able to see who are the organizers, event managers, etc.

However, the attendance was quite disappointing. There were not many Yemenis and once the Prime Minister left, most people left as well..

Among those with boothes are: IIUM, Lim Kok Wing University, TwinTech University, PROTON, Tourism Malaysia, DPMM, and a few Malay Cafeteria set up by the Malaysians students here. (there are a few more which I don't remember now)

Also, the Trade Delegates who came gave disappointing impressions on Malaysians. Some considered coming here as going on a holiday and did not open their booths, going for sight-seeing instead of doing their job. And the businessmen that came here did not bring a lot of things and not many companies participated in this event. We were even criticised by the Yemenis who attended the Exhibition, it was such a disgrace, especially since it were Yemenis who were criticising the Trade Delegates.


Finally, I have finished my exams and waiting for the results. Currently, having holidays for a week or two.

The exam here is very very different than in Malaysia. It is only a one-page questions!! Believe it or not and it's only short answer questions. So, usually students finish answering the paper in half an hour, fifty minutes the most. And since we only have 1 paper per day, it feels quite not worth it going. I would go out from my house by 7.20am, reach at the University at around 8am, the exam starts at 8.30am and I'd finish by 9am-9.15am and reach home by 10am..

The only hard part is that there are no clues to what will be coming out in the exams. For some subjects we have finished the whole book, some three-quarter, some half and we have to memorize or know what we have learned.. The hardest was hadith and fiqh and Tauhid as we had to memorize Hadiths and some verses of the Qura'an. Among all papers Adab was the hardest paper for me, I couldn't understand the class and most of what is in the book. And on the day of exam, I could not answer much, racked my brains as hard as I could but in the end gave up and passed up the paper (I did answer some of the questions) but one thing I am sure of is that, I definitely failed that subject..

Right now just waiting for my results and will be applying to enter First Year at the start of the Second Semester, Insha Allah. Pray that I do get into First Year.. Plans for the hols? Nothing particular. Just concentrating on my Tahfiz as I have stopped my memorizations for a long time now.

That is all for today. Until next time.

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