Monday, April 26, 2010

Price hikes


I am still on holiday (this is the 4th week) eventhough it was supposed to be only for 2 weeks and it is still unsure whether there will be classes or not next week.

Recently, there was price hikes for almost everything and two days ago even the bus fares increased (by YR10=RM0.60). Eventhough the increase is little but it will greatly burden the people here, especially those of low class, and students from foreign countries.

The Yemenis have a large family so taking a bus will prove have a great effect on them and it's not like we need to take only 1 bus to go somewhere. And when you have to take multiple buses everyday it can be quite costly. E.g. for me to go to Iman University I have to take 3 buses, each bus costs YR30 = YR90 for one way. If two way then it would be YR180 = RM3.60 per day and this is if it's only just ME!!

This does not only effect the passengers but also the bus drivers. Yemenis are quite rebellious so they do not wish to pay YR30. Some do but most of them do not. Because of this the bus drivers are not in a good mood nowadays and results in SHORTAGE OF BUSES!

As a result of bus shortage, Traffic police was stationed at almost every bus points. Their job is to halt any empty taxi or lorries or trucks and order them to function as a bus. Since, people had no other choices they had to take these transportations. If u take a taxi, you'll have to pay YR50 per person and they will "clog" each taxi with 6 passengers. If a lorry or truck you'll have to pay YR20 and you'll have to stand!! haha.. What a scene..

Today, I wanted to go home from Diary Street, took a bus. The bus drivers had told the passengers before hand that he will charge YR30 but there were some who did not wish to comply. So, this group of people of five gave the bus driver YR100. Of course the bus driver refused and insisted on charging YR30 per person and this people insisted on YR20 per person.

In the end, the bus drivers turned around and went back to where we came from and did not stop at all eventhough the passengers told him to stop. When we were near to the street where we took the bus he took another turn, going to another place resulting in an almost quarrel scene.. (I think that bus driver was going home) Finally, he stopped and we all got down from the bus and took another bus.

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